The basics

Giveabl is a donation automation service built around the Giveabl API that helps donors donate to recipients like charities, nonprofits and social enterprises.

Using the Giveabl API

The Giveabl API opens up a range of possibilities for your giving, using code. Where the Giveabl Form is primarily for synchronous donations (e.g. a person is physically filling out the form and donating in real-time), the Giveabl API is ideal for asynchronous donations (e.g. a customer purchases a product on your website and $0.10 is pledged to a charity). These pledges and donations can occur without the need for a person to process it; once integrated, the code does the work.
The Giveabl API is organized around REST, meaning it has predictable resource-oriented URLs. The Giveabl API allows you to:
  • Pledge and pay donations
  • Lookup donations
  • Create and manage Fundraisers
  • Create and manage Updates
  • Update your profile
  • ... and much more!

API Version

The current API version is 1.0.