Donating is at the heart of the Giveabl API.
As a donor, you can use Giveabl to easily and automatically give money to reputable charities, NPOs and social enterprises or donate to specific causes using code or code-less integrations.
Donations through the Giveabl API attributed to your team will display on your Impact Page for your customers and clients to see.

Donation Options

Donations can be made via code using the Giveabl API or via a no-code plugin or integration, or using the Giveabl Form.
Pledging a donation is as simple as sending a POST request with your team's API Key as the x-api-key header, along with a json body that includes the donation amount (in cents) and the intended recipient's recipient_uid.
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Can I fully integrate with Giveabl without writing code?

Yes (very soon)! Once our Zapier integration and Shopify plugin are live, you will be able to integrate with Giveabl without writing code.
In the meantime, take a look at our no-code options.