No-code options

Get started quickly, without writing any code.
The Giveabl API is designed for developers to integrate directly with Giveabl. We know this isn't for everyone! That's why we offer a range low- and no-code donation options to get up and running quickly.

Giveabl Form

The Giveabl Form is similar to a traditional online donation form, however it has some additional features. You can donate securely via credit card by selecting a recipient, choosing your donation amount, and entering your payment details.
If you are logged in to your Giveabl account, you can also pledge donations as little as $0.01. Pledged donations will appear in your Giveabl Dashboard and will be batched and processed along with your other pledged donations, once your total pledged amount is greater than the billing threshold.
The Giveabl Form can be accessed via recipient pages on the Giveabl website or your Giveabl Dashboard.

Via the Giveabl Website

Create donations via the Giveabl Form on the Giveabl Dashboard with just a few clicks.

Via the Giveabl Dashboard

Create donations via the Giveabl Form from the Giveabl Dashboard with just a few clicks.

Via the Embedded Form

The Giveabl Form can also be embedded on other websites. This means that you might see Giveabl on charity websites, corporate website, or personal websites.

Integrations and Plugins

Giveabl will also offer a range of plugins and integrations to enable no-code or low-code donation options. This means that you can harness the power of the Giveabl API, without writing code.
We are planning on launching two plugins initially:

Zapier Integration

Connect your apps and automate workflows with Zapier. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.
Using the Giveabl Zapier integration allows you to trigger donations from over 4,000 of the world's most popular apps and services, without code. For example:
  • connect Google Calendar to Giveabl via Zapier and trigger a donation on your birthday
  • connect Slack to Giveabl via Zapier and trigger a micro-donation when someone posts a message in a particular channel
  • connect Gmail to Giveabl via Zapier and trigger a donation when you send an email to a specific address.
These are just a few different examples. There are many ways you can integrate with Giveabl to altruistically incentivise action based on automated donations.

Shopify Plugin

Coming Q1 2023.
Connect Shopify to Giveabl to trigger all kinds of donations, including:
  • round-up
  • matching
  • one-for-one
  • opt-in
  • ... plus much more!