Giveabl platform fees

Transparent, predictable volume-based pricing.
When a donation is made through Giveabl, Giveabl's platform fee is billed to the donor. This means that charities, NPOs and social enterprises do not have to pay to accept donations.
However, third-party payment processing and administration fees are deducted from the donation amount (unless the donor opts-in to cover these costs).
The Giveabl platform fee is primarily used to fund infrastructure costs (servers & hosting), while maintaining a sustainable profit margin to ensure ongoing investment into the stability and future of the Giveabl Platform and API.
Fees are billed when your team's donations are paid. There is no ongoing subscription fee; your team is only billed when you donate.

Platform fee

Every donation is subject to a platform fee that is added to the donation amount (by default, 1%).
Platform fee example
$200 donation = $2 platform fee (at 1%)
  • Donor is billed: $202

How do I preview the fee?

To preview fees, either create a donation using your secret test API Key, or use your live API Key and set pledge to false to create a pending donation that will not be processed until pledged.