Donation lifecycle

Donations go through states from creation to payment.
A donation goes through a number of states before it is ultimately paid to the recipient. A created donation can begin with either the pending or pledged status, depending if the pledge property is true.
When a donation's status changes, the associated Event objects are created. These Event objects can trigger webhook events.

Donation States

1. pending

Donation has been created and is pending pledging. The donation will not progress through the donation lifecycle until it is pledged.

2. pledged

Donation has been pledged and will be paid on the team's billing date when their billing threshold is reached, or if the donor elects to pay it now.

3. invoiced

Donation has been invoiced to be paid.

4. paid

Donation has been paid. This is the donation's final state.

- uncollectible

Donation is uncollectible. This occurs if we are unable to debit the money from your bank account or credit card.

- void

Donation is void. This occurs if the donation has been canceled by Giveabl.

- canceled

Donation has been canceled by the donor.